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Kabam Pte Ltd

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  • Posted: 03/01/2024

Job Description

  • -Robot Control: Operate and control robots remotely using Kabam’s remote management software. Follow designated procedures and protocols to ensure safe and efficient operation.

    -Monitoring: Utilize remote monitoring systems to keep a close eye on robot performance, sensors, and feedback. Ensure that robots are functioning optimally and intervene as necessary.

    -Troubleshooting (level 1 support): Identify and troubleshoot errors, failures, and bugs in robot operations. Apply appropriate solutions and implement fixes to ensure smooth functioning. Address any technical problems or malfunctions promptly and efficiently. Able to escalate to appropriate personnel if necessary.

    -Handle Incident Management: Respond to and resolve robot issues within the defined Service Level Agreement (SLA). 

    -Reporting and Process Improvement: Identify and report errors, failures, and suggest improvements to existing processes and technologies. Contribute to the enhancement of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    -Communication and Standard Operating Procedures: Follow predefined communication scripts and standard operating procedures while interacting with customers and addressing their needs. Provide accurate information, research issues thoroughly, and offer appropriate solutions or alternatives.

    -Data Management: Maintain detailed records of all interventions and interactions. Ensure accurate documentation of actions taken and outcomes achieved.

    -Performance Tracking and Learning: Participate in training sessions and seize learning opportunities to expand your knowledge of Kabam’s technologies and processes.

  • Role: Remote Robot Operator
  • Employment Type: Full time

Desired Candidate Profile

  • -Prior experience in incident management, customer service, or technical support roles is preferred.

    -Strong communication skills are essential to interact with customers, relay information clearly, and provide support. This includes both oral and written communication abilities.

    -Keen Eye for Detail. Attention to detail is important for accurately documenting interventions, identifying errors or bugs, and ensuring precise communication with customers and team members.

    -Ability to Work Independently and as Part of a Team. The role requires the capability to work independently with minimal supervision. However, collaboration and teamwork are also important when coordinating with colleagues and sharing knowledge or insights.

    -Excellent Time Management and Multitasking: The ability to manage time effectively, prioritize tasks, and handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously is necessary for efficient operations.

    -Good English skills (verbal and written).

    -Owns a Laptop and Headset. Being equipped with a personal laptop that runs Google Chrome and a headset is required as part of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept.

    -Able to Work in a 24/7 Roster-Based Shift. The job involves working in rotational shifts, including weekends and holidays, to provide round-the-clock support and ensure continuous operation.

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Kabam Pte Ltd

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